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Synchrosys Consulting & Softwares Co., Ltd. has been “bring[ing] the world to your sight”, our company motto/slogan, for more than 7 years. Being in operation since the year 2003, our company has gone through many changes over the years. Through the years, the company has operated as an organization where our bespoken services and very competitive pricing has taken the organization to different heights.

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Founded in 2003, Synchrosys Consulting & Software Co., Ltd.(SYNsCON™)is a company dedicated to providing the very best internet solutions for both business and personal use in Thailand. Synchrosys Consulting & Software, or simply Synscon, began servicing businesses with websites and content management. Slowly, the company enjoyed expansion and built up a steady and diverse customer base with the majority being small and medium businesses. This continued until the blossoming of an IT age in Thailand in which many businesses and personal users yearned for online solutions. This period saw a rapid expansion in Synscon's service and product range with many new items gracing our product portfolio such as security solutions, cloud solutions, and management solutions to begin with. As well as expansion, Synscon also formed alliances and exclusive partnerships with internet and personal security powerhouses AVG & Comodo which enabled our customers to enjoy the best these companies have to offer. Today, we are happy to call ourselves the premium internet solutions provider in Bangkok after over 11 years of providing nothing but the best products and customer service the country has to offer.

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Affiliation with the world’s best! Our business relation as partners has permitted us to offer clients with the best in the industry Such as Comoto, Thawte, GeoTrust, Symantec and Digicert. Thawte, being sister-company to Verisign, the world’s first to certify digitally, ensures that your site is secured by the best in the industry. With the thawte seal furnished on your website, rest assured your client won’t go elsewhere.

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